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About Labirintus Publishing

“We publish books that open a path through the labyrinth of our souls.”

Founded in October 2021, Labirintus Publishing debuted with the ambitious project of the unique art psychology publication of József Gerevich, Med. Psychiatrist Professor: On the carousel of Art Psychology. The album, leading through the History of Art and Literature, with its special focus of Psychology of art and Creation, conquered immediately the Hungarian lay and professional public aswell.

The unity of Art, Psychology and Literature set the forthcoming way of the publishing house. Stay tuned for a children book section and a capsule series focusing on lesser known texts of international authors in these fields.

Our Atelier

Facing the castle district of Budapest, our open atelier is filled with creation.

We love good books, to organize activities, cooperations with artists, such as the recent 'Women of Hungary' portrait project of Évi Fábián, photographer.

In addition to our day-to-day work in the publishing house, we are open to host small workshops, book signing events and popup exhibition openings aswell.


labi* - a cabinet of curiosities

In November 2022, we started our satellite brand, labi*

with its own website, where we aim to collaborate with local and international brands and booksellers. This ongoing project ensures us to sell a well-curated selection of books and gifts related to our brand philosophy: at the crossing roads of Art, Literature and Psychology.

Meet the team

Our bookselling partners

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